About Us

Shish Adcorp are the leading manufacturing & exporter of plastic corrugated sheets, and are leading in this industry for more than 14 years. Shish Adcorp are launching new generation of 5 Ply (Layer) Plastic corrugated sheets first time in the world with patent registration in india. The company machines for manufacturing best quality Plastic corrugated boards.

Shish 'Saffguard' & 'Stagguard' are twin wall or Multi Wall Boards made from Plastic resin bought from world's best manufacturer. These sheets are light weight and cost effective solution that can easily be mounted many ways due to its versatality. Plastic corrugated sheets are flexible and as well as tough to use in various industries and application like Construction, Advertising, Packaging, Storage and Signage.

Plastic fluted boards are available in various thicknesses and colors ranging from 1.5mm to 15 mm depending upon the requirement of the client. Sheet width is available upto 1525mm and in length as per requirement. The sheets can be cut to almost any size and any shapes. Plastic hollow sheet has advantages over craft paper and wood products that its weather and chemical resistant and will typically last longer, giving long-term cost savings. Available colours are Yellow, Silver, Blue, White, Black, and Grey. Facility of customized colors is also available for bulk orders.

Shish Adcorp is largest manufacturing of plastic corrugated sheets, having large distribution network of distributors, warehouses and retail stores with location in over india and will expand to global markets further.

Vision & Mission
We are known for creating such business experiences which are intriguing and very much attractive. We assist our clients in achieving their brand vision. We are famous because we help our clients in applying enthusiasm and devotion to the projects. We help them in maintaining the balance between expression of design and business solutions that are functional. Shish Adcorp wishes to be the biggest media advertisement company of the world and wants to provide the most professional and useful services to our customers worldwide.

Shish Adcorp serves various missions for the clients. Our sole objective is to fulfill the requirements of our customers and do the work right according to their needs and requirements. We consider the importance of the following questions when it comes to providing successful services to the clients :
  • Is the design working.
  • Is the code good enough to work.
  • Are the solutions rendered creative and capable of sending the client’s message.
  • What could be done to bring improvement in advertising.

What We Are ?
Adcorp is defined as creating a presence whereby more and more people are familiar and recognize your name or logo and associate it with a particular kind of product or service and quality thereof. Thus, Shish Adcorp can help your company to have a presence and market your brand , such as product launches, Malls, Festivals, Fairs, Exhibitions & Elections, through effective branding material like Marketing Danglers, Creative Racks & Promotional Stands & many other quality manufacturing products. We will always behind your brand success & able to build better brand awareness and a good reputation for your company.

Who We Are ?
We are the Shish Adcorp is brand marketing material manufacturing firm established in 2007 is a group company of Shish Industries who are the leading manufacturing & exporter of plastic corrugated sheets, and are leading in this industry for more than 14 years.


Name of Owner Mr. Jignesh Lakhani
Name of CEO Mr. Mrugesh Patel
Nature of Business Manufacturer, Exporter, Importer & Supplier
Market Covered Worldwide